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Salt Lake City to Bear Lake

After collecting our car and doing some shopping for snacks we left Salt Lake City late morning. The sun was shining, although the breeze was cool as we headed for the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway. Along the way we were reminded of some cultural differences.

We soon travelled into magnificent lush green valley. There was a lot of traffic, but luckily moving in the opposite direction with many people returning home from the Memorial Day long weekend.  It is an area of beautiful rivers and craggy mountains with snowcapped peaks


The trees were breaking out into their spring growth and incredibly green.

As we moved higher we came began to pass through areas with ski resorts and walking trails. We spotted people riding horses and bikes through the terrain.

At the high levels there was still evidence of a recent snowfall. The picture below is of Beaver Mountain.

Cresting the mountains gave us a magnificent view of Bear Lake. It was hazy but in the distance we could see the Wyoming Ranges and the very bottom end of the Tetons.

However the true excitement of the afternoon was stopping at the overlook and finding hummingbirds outside the Bear Lake Visitor Centre. They had been provided with a feeder, but that did not stop the pleasure of watching them or the challenge of trying to photograph such small rapidly moving birds.

From there we headed down to Bear Lake and followed it into Idaho. It is a renowned birding area and although we didn’t see huge amounts at first they increased rapidly in number and variety as we headed north. Tonight we are staying in an ‘interesting’ little town called Montpelier and tomorrow head into the Tetons.


We made it

After all the events of the last few weeks we finally made it! The flight was long, but very comfortable. The A380 really are a superb long distance aircraft. We had a window seat and a spare aisle seat beside us, making it our own personal row which added to the ease of the flight.

The stopover in LA was very long, but as that was expected it was not frustrating. What was pleasant were all the helpful and considerate people, from Immigration and Customs through to the general staff in the airport, I had forgotten this aspect of being in the USA. The flight to Salt Lake City was on a small plane which was very spacious. We flew over the Hoover Dam and some spectacular desert areas, finally arriving in SLC about 24 hours after we left Melbourne and about 4pm local time. This was great as we could book in, have a stroll and a meal before heading to bed on our new time schedule.

The weather was cool in SLC but we woke to a sunny morning and are looking forward to a clear day travelling through the snowy canyons towards the lower end of the Tetons. Today we are heading through Logan Canyon and on towards Bear Lake. We almost made a detour as at breakfast we discovered the World Super Bike Championships were on in SLC, but the mountains won out.

 “The world …

 “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

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