The National Park tour

Helena to Glacier

The night was peaceful at our site in the Walmart carpark. It was also convenient, with clean restrooms and the ability to pop in for milk, biscuits or other necessities of life. However, it may not have been as scenic as some of our camps.


Todays breakfast was at Lake Hogan. This was a detour, but a lovely place. It is a lake created by damming the Missouri River and is a very popular recreation area.


The Missouri itself was full of people fishing, many of them in small, unusually curved, dinghies.


During the journey we travelled through the foothills of the Rockies. Most of it was farming country and very dry as they are experiencing very dry spells here as well as record temperatures.


Reaching Glacier it was great to see the green forests and numerous lakes. It is a very scenic location, almost a postcard scene at every head turn.




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2 thoughts on “Helena to Glacier

  1. Kristi on said:

    lol, the walmart carpark…that brings you back down to Earth Anne 🙂 I’m not quite as jealous now.

    • Graham had been desperate to try it out all trip so he was very happy. We know some people who travel the country and only stay in these carparks. The Walmarts are often open 24 hours so it can be very handy!

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